Volunteer Training

Diversity Women Socialize Unity Together Concept

Engage discussion leaders are specifically equipped to lead classes using a discussion-style format.  Training sessions are designed for your volunteers and/or staff members. The 3-hour training equips your leadership team to:

  • Have an inviting and uplifting attitude – non-judgmental.
  • Open up discussion using engaging questions that help parents discover wise goals as well as exploring challenges and solutions.
  • Lead parents to understand their responsibilities in regard to their children.
  • Empower parents to discover practical action steps.
  • Encourage parents to engage with their children through healthy conversation and positive communication.

Our Trainings are held on the second Wednesday of every month via Zoom conferencing.  Please complete the form at the bottom of this page if you are interested in being trained as an Engage Volunteer. 

“I am a firm believer that the ENGAGE parenting program is an effective tool for parents in both a Christian or secular environment. The program was so successful a year ago, that our team was invited to train our second group of ladies at Exodus House this summer. The women are as eager as the first group to learn all that they can about parenting. The ENGAGE program is excellent for this purpose. It is a program that women at all stages of parenting can relate to and benefit from during their parenting journey.”  Dr. Michelle Woody, LPC, Assistant Professor at DTS


Participants Booklet – Semester 1

Contains eight lessons for parents participating in the Engage class. Topics include: education, health and nutrition, emotional and spiritual well-being, relationships, discipline and positive parenting.



Participants Guide – Semester 2

Contains eight lessons for parents participating in the Engage Parenting classes. Covers additional topics including: bullying, reducing anger, goals, finances, relationships and discipline.


Participants Guide – Semester 3

Semester 3 includes the following topics: Recognizing Your Worth, Being an Attentive Parent, Understanding Abuse, Creating a Nurturing Environment, Choosing Healthy Relationships, Building a Future for You and Your Kids, Developing Character in Your Kids, Dealing with Stress.


Leadership Training Notebook

The Leadership Training Notebook contains materials to equip and prepare volunteers to lead an Engage discussion group. Our Volunteer Training offers specific directions, insights and instructions for those who plan to lead an Engage Parenting class. The Leadership Training Notebook is to be used exclusively by those who attend our training workshop. To join us for our next training, please fill out the information at the bottom of this page.


Recommended Reading for our volunteers:

907241: Defuse: A Mom"s Survival Guide for More Love, Less Anger Defuse: A Mom’s Survival Guide for More Love, Less Anger
1105234: The Power of a Positive Mom, Revised and UpdatedQlSeGLHPDv4C The Power of a Positive Mom, Revised and Updated

By Karol Ladd

A special donation is made to Engage for every purchase of this book.

Please contact us if you are interested in more information about Engage or if you would like to join us for Volunteer Training.

Engage Training’s are  typically held via Zoom conferencing on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.


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