Outreach Partners

Our desire is to partner with community outreach programs and schools to provide an effective parenting program. We have found that many organizations currently have great success with children and youth activities, yet struggle with ways to connect with the parents. ENGAGE offers an effective way to involve parents using a discussion-style format which has proven to be both inviting and transformational.

Our newest class starts this week in McKinney, Texas at Waddill Street Baptist Church. For more information or to sign up to come to class, please fill in the information on the form at the bottom of this page. The class is located at:   

1401 N. Waddill Street

McKinney, TX  75069

and is held every Wednesday evening. 

Advantages to our Community Outreach Partners include:
Increased participation by parents.
Children are nurtured and encouraged in their homes.
Community is built between parents and families.
Families are strengthened spiritually.
Parents learn to deal with anger in appropriate ways.
Parents learn to discipline with wisdom and direction.
Parents and children begin to set life goals.

As an additional benefit, volunteers become familiar with your organization and your reach is broadened for additional volunteers and donors.

We provide a certificate at the end of every seven week session, so that the classes can be offered as CPS approved classes. You are encouraged to contact your local CPS services to let them know you will be providing parenting classes. Past and present partners include: Buckner, Exodus Ministries, Emily’s Place, Hilltop Ministries, Youthworld, The Fortress, Prestonwood Crisis Pregnancy Center and Young Lives.  Here’s what one partner had to say about ENGAGE:

We are so incredibly blessed to have your women here teaching ENGAGE! We have had incredible feedback that this is their favorite class, the most useful and the most engaging! What a blessing! We would absolutely love to continue another session of classes! Thanks so much for all you’ve done to prepare this awesome curriculum! May God bless you abundantly as you are definitely blessing others. Susan, Exodus Ministries

If you are interested in more information please fill out the form below:

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