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The mission of ENGAGE is to offer positive parenting strategies for men and women in areas affected by poverty or adversity.

Our Vision
Using a discussion-style format, our goal is to strengthen and enrich the parent’s responsibility in the home. Our vision is to encourage and inspire parents across the nation to engage with their children in a loving way, and to equip their children to discover their God-given gifts and talents.

Unique Value – Engage is a participatory initiative, approaching parenting topics through dialogue and discussion rather than simply instruction. Research shows that people tend to retain 70% of what they learn through participating in discussion, as opposed to only 20% retention when listening to instruction or reading information. As we facilitate the discussion, we empower parents to create practical action steps and encourage their engagement with their children.

Positive Outcomes of ENGAGE:

  • Parents are inspired and encouraged to be responsible leaders and examples in their home.
  • Parents exhibit a greater ability to nurture and discipline their children in a wise and loving manner.
  • Parents encourage and enable their children to reach toward future goals.
  • Parents have increased capability to equip & encourage their kids in school.
  • Parents demonstrate increased communication skills with their children.
  • Parents show evidence of developing a healthier home-life, physically and emotionally.
  • Participants show increased self-confidence and joyfulness.
  • Participants experience community and connectedness between participants.

Our Curriculum

Each eight week parenting session covers:

  • Parenting responsibilities and goals.
  • How to equip children to achieve in school and strengthen their educational experience.
  • Nutrition and physical well-being.
  • Emotional health and development.
  • Social skills, bullying and building positive friendships.
  • Anger and forgiveness.
  • Family values and spiritual strength.
  • Making wise financial choices.

*Participants receive a certificate upon completion of the ENGAGE classes.    0028KarolLadd-EDITEDFB

ENGAGE’s founder, Karol Ladd, is the author of over 35 books, including the Power of a Positive Mom and Defuse, A Mom’s Survival Guide to more Love, Less Anger. As a former teacher, Karol’s desire is to make a positive difference in the lives of children in every strata of society. She developed the ENGAGE curriculum for the express purpose of equipping and strengthening parents in their responsibilities in the home.

Engage is a free program and is offered in partnership with community outreach organizations.

ENGAGE stands for:
Equipping the
Generation to
Advance and
Grow through
Education, Encouragement and Example

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