One of the ways to measure the effectiveness of an organizaton is to hear the stories of changed lives. We want to share a few with you, yet we have changed the names to protect the privacy of our ladies.

Shawna says that ENGAGE has given her confidence as a mom. She realizes that she was created for a purpose and that God has given her the responsibility to love and nurture her children. She writes, “Because of this class I am able to communicate and discipline my kids in a positive way and because of that our relationship has gotten better.” Shawna went on to graduate from the Jobs for Life program and was able to make positive strides toward finding employment.

Maria is grateful for the love, support and connection she has felt with the ENGAGE volunteers. She says, “Since I’ve been coming to your class I have a whole new outlook on what parenting is…Engage was more like a family, fellow parents gathering together learning how to raise healthy happy children.”

Kendra was diagnosed with cancer last year. The class joined together to pray for her and encourage her. She truly felt the support of her community of friends in ENGAGE. Kendra writes, “Thank you is a word that’s barely used nowadays, but I’m truly glad to say thank you for teaching us the fundamentals of parenthood all the while doing it in a Christian way…Last but not least, thank you for your prayers you prayed over us and also for when I was in the hospital.”

Before coming to ENGAGE, Tasha’s bitterness toward her baby’s daddy had welled up in her heart and she was consumed with anger. One of our volunteers picked up on Tasha’s hatred and began talking to her about wise choices, love and forgiveness. Tasha turned a corner and redirected her anger. She now says with a smile, “Because of ENGAGE my kids have a mom who is there for them and loves them. ENGAGE has taught me how to be kind and listen to my kids without living in anger.”


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